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Ayurveda Weight Loss - Prakruti Elements In the Body

If the five basic elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space) are maintained in proper proportion in the body, a proper metabolism is ensured and the body remains healthy.

However due to heredity, eating and living habits, more often than not, we disturb one or two of these elements and thus upset the metabolism and there is a predominance of three different types of combinations.

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Such element combinations decide our types-prakrutis. Aurveda, the Indian medical therapy, has divided people into three types:
1. Combination through excess of Earth + Water.
2. Combination through excess of Fire + Air, and
3. Excess of Air element.

This therapy advocates that while treating the patients, one must keep in mind their respective types. For those people having kapha prakruthi, milk will only create problems.

People, therefore, having bronchitis or asthma indigestion should avoid milk. For people with pitt prakruti, spicy food will enhance their problem. Therefore, what is good for one type could be harmful to another.

Kapha Prakruti:
It is a combination of earth and water. These elements occupy the major portion of our body. Sweet foods and drinks when properly digested are reduced to saline and the blood becomes alkaline.

It sustains the body system, increases vigour and there is a marked growth of happiness. It lubricates the joints of bones and keeps them working properly. However, this is possible when there is proper element of fire - heat in the body.

However because of lack of exercise, overheating, eating between the meals when not hungry, eating more indigestible foods like concentrated sweet-fried things causes problems of indigestion and fail to produce enough heat in the body.

This leads to increase in water content and reduction of heat in the body, resulting in problems like dullness, heaviness, increase in fats, common cold bronchitis and later on asthma, arthritis rheumatism etc..

The best way to cure the above ailments of kapha prakruti is to reduce the intake of undesirable foods, cold drinks and foods that only aggravate the problems. They should eat only light digestible food when hungry; avoid sleeping during the day and over sex. Even milk is harmful to them. They should also take physical exercises.

Pitta Prakruti:
is a combination of fire + air. Excess of heat damages the working of brain - leads to acidity - ulcers, cold due to heat, skin problems, even sexual weakness, short temper and falling of hair.

Now, in modern times more anxiety - worries - eating more of fried and spicy foods - more exposure to sun, excessive use of antibiotics indulged in by people increases their problem. It is, therefore essential to avoid these habits as much as possible.

They should take sweet fruit juice as the first thing in the morning and have more fruits, sweet desserts after eating and drink more green juice.

Air Vayu Prakruti:
This condition prevails when there is an excess of the element of air. People belonging to this category are more talkative and have day dreams. They need more sleep and have more gas trouble. These imbalances lead to fainting.

The tendency to eat heavy, oily foods like fried and foods made out of gram etc. increases this tendency. People in such condition should avoid constipation and sleeping during day time, have more physical exercise so as to increase heat and circulation and should avoid unsuitable foods.

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