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Ayurveda Weight Loss - Body Metabolism

The first figure shows which elements help which element.  In the second figure, It is shown which element is controlling the other element and how all these elements are counter balanced - controlled. 

Basically all these elements should remain in proper proportion-which is called the Metabolism of the body.  Any disturbance-excess or less of one element leads to disturbance in other element and becomes the root cause of the disease.

Everyone should try and find out the category and type he or she belongs to and avoid as far as possible those items, which will only aggravate their problems.  They should consume food that will suit their type.  It may be noted that each and every person is different from the other.

 So are their tendencies and problems of health.  But with proper changes in the diet good health can be maintained.  The cerebro spinal fluid is produced from the blood and so imbalance in blood of these basic elements leads to imbalance even in cerebro spinal fluid.  More salt in food for instance increases the sodium chloride in cerebro spinal fluid, which leads to high B.P etc.

Moreover, the climate plays an important role in its effect on the body.  In summer and hot climate, for instance, buttermilk will be useful, but not in winter.  Therefore in winter buttermilk should be warmed and black pepper and ginger should be added to it before drinking.

Nature grows the required vegetables and fruits etc. suitable for the nourishment of the body in all different areas and season. So wherever possible locally produced seasonal fruits and vegetable should be eaten.

Moreover nature also produces several varieties of fruits resembling the shapes of the organs of our body and they are useful, beneficial to that organ.

Apricot  = Brain  
Mango-Papaya =  Stomach
Almonds  = Eyes  
Apple   = Heart  
Grapes  = Lungs    Cashew nuts  = Kidney 
Kidney beans (Ripe: Outside skin black)
People belonging to one type or the other type of prakruti(characteristics) can easily find out and eat foods which would do them good and reject foods that will aggravate their problem-tendency.

This practice will also enable us to prevent wasting our energy in digesting and expelling these foods intakes not suitable for our body.

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