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Ayurveda Weight Loss - Energy Must Be Created From The 5 Basic Elements.

In order that the body and brain can function properly it is necessary to create energy from the five basic elements. That is why we take food and drinks.

The whole cosmos gets the energy from the sun. All types of natural foods, fruits, vegetables, cereals, pulses etc. have in them almost equal measure of positive and negative of sun energy. However foods contain positive and negative properties in varying degrees. They can be divided in six tastes of which all foods/drinks are made of:

Bitter  =  Air + Space
Sweet  =  Earth + Water
Astringent  =  Air + Water
Salty  =  Earth + Fire
Pungent  =  Air + Fire
Sour  =  Water + Fire
(hot) (as per Charak Samhitha)
In our daily diet it is necessary to maintain a proper balance in all these six tastes. Surprisingly, aurveda-Indian medical science has made elaborate research in all kinds of fruits, vegetables and minerals and has established their after effect on the human system.

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When we take foods more of negative types or more of positive types, we create imbalances, leading to diseases. The body tries to balance the positive and negative excesses in the system and such efforts are called disease.

Surprisingly China has made in depth research for energy derived from food and has come to the conclusion that one should take 65% foods in cereals and pulses like wheat - rice - millets, grams etc and the balance 35% in milk-milk products, vegetables, dry fruits, oils etc, these would be the ideal contents of a balanced diet.

I am of the opinion that after the body is fully developed one must eat and drink only those things which are suitable to one’s body and only when one feels hungry. The fruits and vegetables have in them a natural storage of the sun’s energy and if we make a daily practice of having one glass of fruit juice and two or three cups of green juice of vegetables, our requirement for food will be reduced to a minimum and we will have enough energy to maintain the body in a healthy condition.

Please note that care of our digestive system should start from the mouth. Nature has given us teeth to chew. Therefore we should form a habit of chewing all food including liquid food and soft food like sweets, ice-creams, etc. at least 8 to 12 times.

This is necessary to add saliva to the food, for it is only in saliva that the sugar is digested. That is why people eating hastily without chewing and eating more sugar invite diabetes and fat. Chewing less means double work for the stomach. And over-exertion of stomach will invite many diseases and even fat.

Proper chewing gives better taste and satisfaction. Moreover, it enables you to listen to nature’s signal that your stomach is full. This in turn enables you to stop eating further. Therefore discussions at the dining table should be avoided as far as possible. Instead, soft music may be played. We should always remember that it is not more quantity or heavy food but the food that is digested gives us energy.

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