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Tip 71. If You Can’t Run, Try Walking.
15 minutes of brisk walking a day is enough to keep most people fit.

Tip 72. Walk Don't Drive!
Any distance is walkable if you have the time, so consider walking to places that you would normally drive, such as work or the market if they’re not too far away. It may take you a little longer, but the health benefits will last you a lifetime.

Tip 73. Drink Black Coffee Before A Workout To Lose Weight?
It sounds strange, but some people have reported that they lost more weight when they drank black coffee before a workout. While there’s no hard data to support this, nutritionists speculate that the caffeine in coffee makes the body rely more on fat for fuel during the work out. It’s worth trying.

Tip 74. Don't Drink Too Much Coffee.
Here’s a corollary to tip 73 above: Avoid drinking coffee in excess, as it tends to desensitize your body to the fat burning effects of caffeine.

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Tip 75. Stop Using TV Remote Controls.
Remote controls are the bane of a prospective weight loser. They may be remarkable gadgets by themselves but from the weight loss point of view, they just aren’t very helpful. They really encourage us to take a laid back kind of attitude towards life itself. In fact if remote controls were not there, the television would not have become so popular. It is because of remote controls that people can remain where they are and switch from one channel to the other. And they only have to twitch a finger muscle to achieve this.

Now, I have nothing against multi channel television sets but what I strongly advocate is that you get up from where you are and change the channel of the TV each time you want to do so. The same holds true for other remote controls as well. As it is we have remote controlled TVs, DVD players, A/Cs, garage doors, gateways and what not. The next thing we know is that we will have remote controlled people as well.

Tip 76. Do Chores Yourself.
Do things like fetching, turning things off and on by yourself. Often when we come back tired from work, we tend to get others to do simple chores for us. These things are no big deal. They are things that we can very well do for our selves but we don’t. That is why we often ask our kids to fetch us this or take away that. Training your pet is a wonderful thing. It is quite remarkable how some people get their dogs to fetch them things. But the fact is that although you may be ensuring that your dog is getting lots of exercise, you are neglecting your end of the story.

Tip 77. A Pop Quiz ...
Escalators help us to:
1. Move up and down faster
2. Gain weight
3. Stand stupidly as they move up and down
4. Look down at other people when you are going down
5. Look up to others when we are going up

You have to pick the correct answer from the 5 alternatives given. You can see for yourself that all the options can in a way correct. So the next time you travel on an escalator, don’t just stand there... Climb up or down along with it. Or better yet, take the stairs.

Tip 78. Walk About During Commercial Breaks On TV.
If you want to sit all evening with your eyes glued to the tube, then do so. But at least spare your eyes the agony of a commercial break. When the next commercial flashes on screen, instead of surfing, get up and take a walk. Reach over and try to touch your toes or do any such simple exercise that will at least get the blood flowing in your veins.

Tip 79. Wriggle Your Toes And Fingers Whenever You Can.
This is another stress buster and at least it gives you a chance to work your hand and leg joints. This will tell you how sore they are and if their condition is so bad, just think of the rest of your body.

Tip 80. Turn On Music And Dance Like Wild.
Let your hair down once in a while. Go back to the days of wild childhood. Close the door of your room, turn on your sound system to the highest volume possible, but a little lower than the level at which your neighbours start to complain. Then do the wackiest dance that you can think of. Jump on your bed and jump off it again. Roll all over the floor. Pretend that you are Michael Jackson or Madonna. You will never see them keeping still, and do every boogie move that you know.

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