EZ Weight Loss Tips

Yoga & Other Natural Weight Loss Tips

Tip 86. Try Yoga.
Yoga is one of the best ways for losing weight. Of course I can’t go into a full lecture about yoga now but I can tell you that I have never seen people with better-toned bodies than those who practice yoga. One of the benefits of yoga is that you learn to control virtually every muscle and joint of your body so that the issue of weight gain will cease to exist.

Tip 87. Try Massaging Your Partner.
This is a fun way to lose weight. It is something that can give your partner a lot of pleasure and at the same time can give you a lot of exertion there by leading to weight loss. The attitude here should of course be you scratch my back I'll scratch yours. It should not be a one sided effort or else the interest will soon dwindle. In fact it is a good idea if the couple take up weight loss routines together. They can keep watch over each other, help control those urges to eat and motivate each other to stick to the routine. There are a lot of things that couples can do together that can help them to keep physically active.

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Tip 88. Punch Your Pillow.
If you can’t think of anything else to do try punching your pillow. Now here’s another one of those weird ideas, but believe me it works. Not too many of us have punch bags at home and if you have a really fluffy pillow, giving it a good punching routine is just as good as anything else.
This is also a nice way of letting off steam so go for it. After all something is better than nothing. Do not bother too much about the force with which you hit the pillow. It is the number of hits that are important. Try to get at least fifty punches in one bout. I would like to give you a little tip here. If there is somebody that you particularly dislike, say your boss or your neighbour, or maybe your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, try fixing a picture of the person’s head on the top of your pillow and then try punching it. I promise you, it will give you a lot of satisfaction!

Tip 89. Go Two At A Time Up And Downstairs.
Instead of waddling up and down the staircase, try taking them two at a time. Now this is something that you have to be careful about because we do not want you to trip. So when you do this make sure that your feet are well and truly planted on each step before you increase the beat and try two at a time.

Tip 90. Walk the dog.
If you have a dog, take it for a run and let the dog lead you on. You will be surprised how much exercise a dog can give you. Animals are sensible enough to know that they need a lot of exercise, so let your animal lead you on. Take your pet dog out for as walk and before you know what hit you, it will turn out to be a run.

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